Safe Staffing And Communication Essay

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It is the responsibility of nurses, hospitals, physicians, accrediting agencies, and legislative bodies to provide safe care to the public/consumer. (Ballard, 2003) It is crucial to keep patients safe during their hospital stay. Nurses struggle with environmental obstacles every shift while trying to keep patients safe. Hospitals remain short staffed, and nurses are afraid to report errors in fear of losing their jobs. These factors lead to problems in communication and nurses are forced to make stressed decisions regarding patient care. To ensure patient safety physicians, nurses, assistants and patients must work together. There must be clear communication and better working environments that will help nurses be successful in providing care. Safe staffing and open communication is imperative. (Doucette, 2015) Hospitals need to improve leadership and workplace environments to promote safe patient care. One misstep could …show more content…
Nurses remain a key strand in the health care safety net.” Nurses are the patient’s advocate for treatment, a patient’s voice regarding medications, and when changes are observed nurses are responsible for reporting these changes in a timely safe manner. Reported by Ballard, K, (2003) “28% of adverse reactions to medications and 42% of life-threatening events in health care are preventable.” Patient safety is the basis for nursing care. It is a nurse’s responsibility to keep the patient safe while providing quality care. Cropley (2015) stated “ In a report by the Institute of medicine, nursing work environments that were structured to promote honest communication and collaborative teamwork fostered a culture of safety, evidenced by improved patient outcomes and reduced patient risk for harm.” In the proper environment nurses can provide quality and safe care if given all the tools needed to

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