SWOT Analysis Of Walker's Snack Food Ltd.

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From past few years the company is committed to work for health and well-being of the people, for this they have reduces the saturates level in Walkers crisp by 70 to 80% whereas the level of salt is reduced by 25 to 55% in entire product line of Walker. Walkers Snack Food Ltd is shifting towards nutrient levels, delivering nutritious and innovative products and changing marketing practices in order to create such platform dedicated to global implementation of new commitment and goals (Van, 2002).

4. Impact of Micro and Macro Environmental Forces upon Walkers and Its Ability To Achieve Its Corporate Objectives
Macro environment related to influence external factors of the company, with this various number of broad forces that might impact
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Working capital and transportation costs in storage are important factor in their operation. Company believes that timely manufacture and distribution and low stock holding are major consequences for supplying and planning logistics which is most important factor (Jones, 2010, pp 23-45).

SWOT Analysis
Following SWOT analysis represents the major strengths and weaknesses within the organisation and also addresses the threats and opportunities faced by Walkers (Hughes, 2004, Pp 99).

• Stronger relationships with vendors often provides fast delivery schedules and higher quality ingredients
• At Walkers, excellent and experienced staffs are trained and they are very customer focused
• Greater retail space which is clean, bright, hip and located in urban retail district or suburban, upscale mall neighbourhood
• Higher rate of customer loyalty and brand recognition
• Walkers’ higher quality products offered exceed the offering of their competitor’s product in terms of price, quality and presentation
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When it comes to Walkers’ customers, the individuals are marked between the age group of 2 to 50, acquiring 53% of the UK market. However, age cannot be defined demographic for such customer base, as for Walkers’ potato Snacks all age group people including kids, adults and old people can enjoy it since they are based on instructed healthy diet (Beale, 1993). By combining various major demographic factors, Walkers reaches at a profile of customer including:
• Families who love to eat potato snacks
• The potato snack loves who are ready to eat all potato food flavours
• Young professionals

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