SWOT Analysis Of Vitrox

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Chapter 3
Internal Factors
S1 – Increase of revenues by 46% in year 2016
S2 – Good reputation in market
S3 – Company has a strong R&D team
S4 – Company has positive working environment Weaknesses
W1 – Less efficient in cash management
W2 – Internal process is heavy
W3 – Increase of liabilities by 145.69% in year 2016
W4 – Lack of employee
External Factors
O1 – Growth of semiconductor industry
O2 – Industry has barrier for new company to entry
O3 – Expansion in untapped regions or countries
O4 – Increase in demand of inspection system Threats
T1 – Rapid technology changes
T2 – Fluctuation of exchange rate
T3 – Strong competitors
T4 – Unstable economic condition
3.1 SWOT Analysis
Table 3.1 SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is
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as mentioned earlier. Thus, company always encourage employees to hold these principals in order to lead them talk and do the right things every day. In addition, company also has a lot of activity club for employees to join such as Cooking Club, Toastmaster Club, Singing Club and etc. The purpose of conducting these clubs is to provide a platform for employees from different department and level to communicate with each other and improves the relationship among the employees. Furthermore, ViTrox has an eco-friendly working environment by having a secret garden that allowed employees take a break, idea corner for employees to take a nap during rest time, v-café for employees to have a coffee with a lower price and …show more content…
This process involves of sales person conduct the sales with customer then customer issued a purchase order to business development department for arrangement of product. Then business development will send the purchase order to finance department. Finance department will help to verify the purchase order to ensure all the terms are fulfilling. Lastly only send it to logistic department for ship out the product. Besides, expense invoices also would require signature and approval from different department before expenses would be reimbursed. By having a lot of process, company may face the problem in transferring the message clearly or may delay the time in making decision and thus company may loss in profit as the result of late of getting information and make decision. Thus, company should conduct meeting or project by involving the related parties in order to identify, discuss and eliminate the unnecessary process or

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