SWOT Analysis Of Coca Cola

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By using the SWOT analysis, Coca cola has developed many succeeded marketing strategies overtime.
The company not only clearly acknowledges their Strengths are Brands equity, Economic of scale and the Coca cola system but they also willing to apply those competitive advances in a rational level. Being recognized as one of world’s leading brands by Interbrand, Coca cola with its vast global presence and unique brand identity is definitely one of the costliest brands. Moreover, the corporation is the largest manufacturer and marketer of non-alcoholic beverages in the world. The statistic has shown how large the company economic of scale is when approximately 40% of the global non-alcoholic beverages industry is controlled by Coca-Cola. Lastly,
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For years Coca Cola is considered as one of the strongest brands in the world and they do not hesitate to use that advantage. As the result, Coca Cola has been succeeded in creating brand loyalty among its consumers. This is a result of sustained marketing efforts starting from early 20th century. Coca Cola has adopted innovating marketing techniques right from the times of Candler and Robert Woodruff. Apart from usual advertising through billboards and newspapers Coca Cola focused on organizations, universities and colleges and this increased sales while promoting the brand name.
Continue with Coca Cola’s global strategy. It has adopted a global strategy -using a mix of central and local marketing functions in order to achieve maximum marketing and distribution effectiveness. Using this, Coca Cola maintains the strong global brand while introducing the local elements in the marketing to make sure that the product image is in harmony with the local culture.
Finally, Coca Cola follows out to in approach while developing new products. Coca Cola has always preferred taking note of customer preferences and designing its products according to them, based on these, the company either introduces a new product or acquires a company producing the suitable product. It changes the product portfolio according to customer
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Currently, Coca Cola makes use of the annual analysis conducted by Accenture on behalf of International Food & Beverage Alliance (IFBA), which measures how companies in the food and beverage industry comply with IFBA’s responsible marketing commitment. The company is also working with a third party to develop a comprehensive program to help ensure that our global marketing consistently to achieve its goal. Coca Cola is a part of voluntary national and regional responsible marketing pledges covering nearly 50 countries. These pledges bring the global responsible marketing commitment to life locally and include local monitoring and

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