Enviro-Wave Swot Analysis

Enviro-Wave, Inc. brings the convenience of preparing food to new levels. Together with the use of state-of-the-art technology and natural resources, Enviro-Wave, Inc. provides. the highest level of development in microwave ovens. We have developed the current design of the microwave oven to run solely without the need of an electrical supply. Our company manufactures and distributes these portable microwave ovens, complete with a 12-volt backup battery pack, to supply individuals and companies of the labor workforce with an energy saving, environmentally friendly, and convenient alternative to those unable to gain access to heated and nutrient enriched meals on the job, camping, or traveling.
Enviro-Wave, Inc. is located in Miami, Florida. The Miami-Dade County government offers various programs and resources that promote economic
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Enviro-Wave strives to meet and exceed core values at all times. The organization encourages each employee to approach their daily duties with integrity, commitment, a vision of teamwork, consistency, and the upholding safety regulations. Innovation is always favorable as we insist on inspiring and motivating our employees to continuously reach their maximum potential while delivering excellent service.
SWOT Analysis:
Strengths: Uniqueness of our product on the market, worldwide material distributors, market potential, supportive leadership.
Weaknesses: No market presence, Scarce networking ability, time consuming team member training.
Opportunities: Product expansion, worldwide sales and distribution, education on energy conservation.
Threats: Low demands, supplier dependent, weather impacts on product use capability.
The competitive advantage Enviro-Wave Inc. presents is a distinctive product new to the market with potential demand and investment

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