Ruth Reichl 's Tender At The Bone Essay

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In Ruth Reichl’s, Tender at the Bone, the reader witnesses the impact that food can have on peoples lives along with the relationships we form through food. Food becomes a catalyst in Ruth’s life, finding her true identity and the people she wants to surround herself with for the rest of her life. Ruth Reichl’s love and passion for food opens up a world unimagined in educating her and nurturing her into the women she is today. Ruth is determined to escape the negativity and control her mother has attempted to put on her since she was little, and live a life full of love and happiness through overcoming her deepest fears. In order to understand Ruth’s growth in life, it’s equally important to understand the decline of Ruth’s mother and how they live there lives through different lenses. Ruth’s growth is a result of her distinct differences with her mother. Through food, Ruth establishes new friends, finds role models outsides her initial family, and the courage to overcome obstacles. Ruth, unlike her mother finds happiness in bringing people together through food and doing nice things for the people around her. Ruth began cooking as a way to escape the dangers of her mother’s lethal cooking abilities , but along the way discovers that food can be much more than a necessity of life. “I had been cooking all my life, but only as a way to please grownups; now I discovered that it had other virtues”( Riechl, 74). Ruth’s home becomes the location for all the parties in high…

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