Ruth Handler In Brave New World

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Barbie still looks great for being 57. The one thing most people know about Ruth Handler and Mattel Inc. is that they created Barbie. Ruth Handler married the Mattel Inc. founder, Elliot Handler, together the Handlers worked on turning a garage furniture shop into an ongoing successful company. They had two children, Barbara and Kenneth Handler and in the 1970’s Ruth was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She later died in 2002 from complications from colon surgery. Ruth Handler has changed the way companies have been functioning and adding her own contributions to Mattel Inc. such as Barbie, to make it the largest toy company in the world as of 2014.

Mattel Inc. began as a furniture shop in a garage ran by Elliot Handler. Mattel Inc. stated "Handler started out designing light fixtures but soon began making furniture to sell out of his garage." Elliot wanted to soon change that into something bigger that was "competitive in the fast-changing postwar world (Mattel, Inc.)." Elliot was the one who built while Ruth Handler organized the way of selling. "Mattel first entered the picture frame business using scrap plastic and wood. With the leftover wood slats and plastic Elliot designed dollhouse furniture
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They used these parts in dolls as a “simple little ratchet joint (Prosthetic-maker).” A spokesperson for the Mattel Inc said “Everybody here is really excited that barbie not only brings joy to little girls but also can help adults who have had accidents (McKedall).” The University has been using the dolls knee joints as knuckles in hands. The medical personals put the joints in “flexible foam fingers that fit inside the gloves (Prosthetic-maker).” The fake fingers in the gloves will bend the same as Barbie’s leg. Having these prosthetics bend help hold and grasp objects and make life the same as

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