Ruth Gruber 's The Novel Haven Essay

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In the novel Haven, Ruth Gruber discusses her mission in rescuing refugees during the Holocaust. According to the book, Ruth was sent as a journalist from America to record and spread the stories of the 1,000 refugees that the United States rescued. Ruth has heard many stories of the people escaping concentration camps and how hard it was for them to separate from their families. Ruth recorded stories of heroism where there were a brave few that hid Jews from the Nazis in their houses and cellars. For example, in the book it says that the refugees were eagerly waiting in line to tell Ruth their stories so they could be published. What really upset Ruth however, was that the U.S. only rescued 1,000 people. According to the book however, there were 982 and the rest could not qualify because of special circumstances. Everyday during the Holocaust, over 500,000 Jews and minorities were dying. Those one thousand were told that they could find protection in America. They were told once the war was over that they would go back to their home country. They were fine with this agreement, as long as they were out of Europe; they were willing to deal with any consequences. The longer the refugees stayed in America however, the more they wanted to become citizens and spend the rest of their lives there. Most of the refugees did not have a home to go back to; their homes and belongings were destroyed in the war. In Haven for example, the refugees fought for months with the state and…

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