Russia And The Syrian Civil War Essay

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This National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) asses the purpose of Russia’s military support in Syria, analyzes the intentions of the Russian government through a detailed look at the strategy that has been employed, and also explores the likelihood of Russia increasing its presence in Syria to dramatically change the trajectory of the Syrian Civil War.

This Estimate focuses on the following key questions:
What is the history of Russia’s involvement in Syria? What reasons did Russia have for interfering in the Syrian Civil War?
Why did Russia choose now to involve themselves in the Syrian Civil War?
What is Russia doing to support their goals in Syria?
What is the relation between Russia’s recent activity in Turkey and Russia’s involvement in Syria?
What can be predicted about Russia’s intentions in Syria through Russia’s relationship with Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS)?
What can be predicted about the future of Russian activities involving its allies based off of the nation’s recent activities?

This Estimate assumes that Russia will continue its support of the Assad regime in Syria in the same way it does today and will continue to hold the same public opinions on certain groups as it holds currently.
This Estimate incorporates open source intelligence reporting available as of November 30, 2015.

Key Judgements

The Soviet Union supported Syria up until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, where Russia was left in chaos and needed to regroup and gain strength as a nation…

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