Rupali Bank Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… 26 of 1972), has now become a state-owned commercial bank (SCB) through a vendor’s agreement dated 15 November 2007. The authorized capital of the Bank is Tk.7000.00 million and the paid up capital is Tk. 1650 million at present. 90.19% of shares of the bank are owned by the government while the rest 9.81% are owned by private share holders. Rupali Bank Ltd. Operates through 517 branches. It is linked to its foreign correspondents all over the world.
The Bank is committed to contribute significantly to the national economy. It has made a positive contribution towards the socio economic development of the country with its
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Rupali Bank uses Western Union, RIA Money transfer, Placid Express and other softwares for the purpose. I needed to log in the software and I had to check all the details about receiver and sender. I had to check the amount and the necessary documents. The operating officer had to assist me in the process.

* IBCA and IBDA is a fundamental function of the banking process. Generally almost every day for the expense of different branch, head office has to issue IBDA which cause the account of that branch were debited by that expense amount. And issue IBCA for any sort of income of that branch that has been credited by that amount. So as an evidence Head office issue these advices. The account by which branch gets the money for them that is IBDA, on the other hand it is IBCA for the Head office. I had to write some of them which include branch name, amount, and
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Therefore, initially students might find it difficult in to do the job in internship. Due to internship I had to communicate different types of clients and I have learned how to deal with them. I earned confidence to deal with different type of people in this phase. I have learned how to talk and behave in the corporate culture. I have learned how to operate some software which I had no idea before. Before my internship, I had some blur image about the total banking system from my bookish knowledge but internship program helped me to know a lot about the realistic knowledge about the banking system. As I continued internship, I found a vast difference between practical and my academic

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