Rsa Animate Changing Education Paradigms Essay

711 Words Feb 9th, 2015 3 Pages
Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms with RSA animate sheds the light on overview of history and development of public education in United States, as well as critical analysis of fundamental issues within the system. The presentation generates the idea that the importance of public education is mainly for two aspects are economic and cultural. Economic requires education because the current children can assume the future trend of the economy. Its also points out that the importance of public education in cultural aspect is that the children can maintain the same habit of cultures that their parents were following. The presentator argues that the trend of current education system suffers from many drawbacks. Going to school has been a compulsion for getting a good grade; passing out and getting a well suited job. But this has hampered to those students who think that going to school shrinks their creativity. No one can guarantee that one will get a job by getting a degree. This topic also talks about the revolution in the field of public education. Public educations are funded by the taxes of the citizen and are utilized for the minor children in the society. But some people were against it. It’s in everyone thinking that children learn so that they industrialize themselves. This is a radical concept; the concept of education should be to get excellence not success. The real intelligence is in deductive learning. Its total…

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