Essay on Rosa Lee: a Family and Their Struggle in Urban America

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Case Study and Treatment Plan for Donna “Patty” Cunningham
John Prayer
Liberty University
SUBS 505

Case Study and Treatment Recommendations

Name: Donna “Patty” Cunningham
DOB/Age: 34
Dates of Interviews:
Evaluator: John Prayer

Patty is a 34-year old African American female of average build and height. Patty is the fifth of eight children. Patty has one child, Bobby, which she had when she was 14 year old. Patty admits to a long life of drug used which started around the time she was 16. Patty admits to having a difficult childhood which consisted of her being picked on a lot during her school years for being illiterate and being three to four years older than her classmates due to not starting
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She admits that he has had numerous out of home placements in group homes for juvenile delinquents. Patty states the family has live in poverty for the most of their lives, struggling to try to make ends meet. Patty states that when she was younger her mother worked as a waitress in numerous night clubs in the area which helped with family make ends meet. She also admits that around the same time her mother was also selling drugs at the clubs for the local drug dealers to further increase their finances. Patty states that when she was around 10 years old when she first realized that her mother was engaging in sexual acts with men for money. She remembers that her mother would charge men $20 for her services. She states that she remembers sleeping in the room with her mother and having to pretend she was sleep whenever her mother brought “johns” home. Patty remembers that she was only eleven years old when one of her mother’s “johns” made a request to her mother to allow him to sleep with her. She states that as time went by there were more and more men that I would sleep with for money, some of them paying as much as $100 or more. Patty states that she didn’t look at it as being wrong but instead she looked at it as she was helping out the family. As Patty remembers, she didn’t start school until she was around seven or eight years old. Patty states that when in

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