Roombas Essay

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May 13, 2014

ABSTRACT This investigative lab studies the development and movement of robotic devices. The objective of this lab experiment in particular was to create a simplistic version robotic beetle that can move and react in the same manner as the household autonomous robotic vacuum device; the Roomba. Using items one could find within one’s home, the investigator utilized simple materials to create a simplistic autonomous robotic device that would contain the basic features of a Roomba, primarily the feature that implements the ability to essentially avoid objects rather than run straight into them, allowing the robotic device to move about a room with little to no outside
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MATERIALS AND METHODS This experiment was conducted at Choctaw High School for the … class. For this experiment, the investigator developed a simplistic autonomous robotic device to test the hypothesis that creating a device via utilization of common household items will work just as effectively as the widely known Roomba technology. The materials used in this experiment included two small motors that can be found in electric toothbrushes, two SPDT switches, one AA battery holder, a piece of metal or aluminum, roughly 1” by 3”, heat shrinking tubing, two spade connectors, one small bead, and a handful of paper clips. A soldering iron and a hot-glue gun were also used in this experiment. The investigator first cut a piece of the heat shrinking tubing and fit it onto the wheel, then used a soldering iron to shrink the tubing. Once shrunken down, the tubing would act as the tires. After this is done, the investigator then glued the SPDT switches onto the back end of the AA battery holder. For this experiment, the investigator used aluminum in place of a metal strip. The aluminum strip was placed just behind the SPDT switches and then bent down at a 45° angle. This strip was then glued in place. Using the glue gun again, the investigator attached the motors to the bent down sections of aluminum as to make the “tires” reach the ground. To make sure the Beetle Robot didn’t

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