Ronald Reagan And Franklin Roosevelt Essay

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Ronald Reagan and Franklin Delano Roosevelt can both be seen as two of the greatest American presidents of the 20th Century. With great presidencies also come great similarities and differences. Both began their presidency when the United States was undergoing severe economic distress. Roosevelt implemented his New Deal while Mr. Reagan enforced his combination of tax cuts and policy of less government intervention that has otherwise been known as “Reaganomics”. Both presidents instilled such a lasting optimism into within the United States. Roosevelt helped his country through his Fireside Chats and his social programs to end the Depression. Both presidents left their mark on the United States comparable to the other. Each transformed their own political party that still holds its impact to this day. Reagan is known as the founder of the modern conservatism just like Roosevelt was responsible for leading and transforming the Democratic Party. Although Roosevelt and Reagan both
Both presidents have many similarities. Reagan and Roosevelt were both instrumental in changing the very fabric of the United States. According to the Hauenstein Center, “Each man had served as governor of the nation’s largest state. Each entered the White House in a period of great economic crisis. Each brilliantly used the media to enlist public support for his agenda” They strategically used the media in such a way to enlist gain support of the majority of Americans for each of their own…

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