Anticommunism And The Cold War Essay

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Before we can truly go into depth about postwar U.S and Anticommunism influence on foreign policies, a brief summary of the events just before the Cold war. Shortly after the second world war, global relationship among the world’s most powerful countries turned rather sour after the allies victory over axis power. What kept every country involved with World War II cooperating, particularly the United States and the Soviet Union was a common goal to relinquish Germany’s military control over Europe. However, what began as a mutual agreement, quickly dissolve into bitter, cold resentment. The Cold War is a term used to describe the friction between two world superpowers during 1945 to 1989, the Soviet Union and the United States. Differences in both countries ideology is the root of conflict. The Soviet Union main points for communism is their social-political structure in which the government bases their function off of, a strong sense of people empowerment and government support. While in the United States, focused on Capitalism, meaning the economic growth …show more content…
A key event which anticommunism shaped foreign policy was the Truman Doctrine. The Truman Doctrine is the support and reassurance that the United States will stand by “free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or outside pressures.” This became the pivotal argument to justifying the U.S intervention into countries during the Cold War. This was a measure to combat Soviet expansion into other countries. Also because of this Doctrine, a massive defense buildup was included. This was used as an extension of the United States power to make sure that communism would not spread, the belief during this time was communism was like an epidemic, and needed to be contain to insure that the American way of life is

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