Death In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Leads to Death
An useless help leads a couple to death
Helping people is like a daily job for everyone and that is really good. However, what if the helping is useless or maybe it is a factor that causes someone 's death? Maybe the ending could have been better if there is no help at all or someone tries to stop it. In the tragedy play, a pastor tries to help a couple, but really he is killing them. It established in 1597, called "Romeo & Juliet" by William Shakespeare. In the play, Friar Lawrence is to blame for the death of the couple Romeo and Juliet because he does not stop Romeo and Juliet from loving each other, he helped Juliet to fake her death and he ran away after they both died.

First of all, he is to blame for the death of Romeo
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This causes the death of the couple because Friar Lawrence has the ability to stop them from loving each other but he chooses not to just because of his own imagination that it could help Verona. If he stops them, the ending would be quite different. Another example to show that he is to blame for the death is when Romeo tells him that he fall in love with Juliet, Friar says, "Is Rosaline, that thou didst love so dear,/ so soon forsaken? Young men 's love then lies/Not truly in their heart, but in their eyes"(II, iii, 66-68). Friar does disagree about their love and that is why he tells Romeo that he does not love Juliet. Romeo falls in love with Juliet immediately simply because of her beauty. So same things as Rosaline, Romeo thinks that he "Saw true beauty till this night"(I, v, 52), which is Juliet and she is even more beautiful than Rosaline and that is why he does not love Rosaline anymore. Friar could stop Romeo for being such an irresponsible lover, but he chooses not to. He secretly plans a marriage for Romeo and Juliet and does not tell their parents and this causes the tragedy at the end since he could have told the parents so that they could stop them before they get married. In conclusion, Friar is to blame for the death of the couple since he has the ability to stop them and even tell their parents, but he does not do …show more content…
He could have stopped Romeo and Juliet being together by disagreeing and not arranging their wedding. He could not have support Juliet 's decision and try to persuade her for marrying Paris and Romeo may forget about her. He also can help Juliet to get out of the tomb and the city, but because of his selfishness and irresponsible that causes Juliet 's death. However, helping people is good, but useless help may lead people to the wrong path or like the tragedy happens in the play. Friar Lawrence 's original intention is to help the two households become more friendly, but really, his useless help leads the lovers to death. People should think before they help somebody, like the consequences, the original intention and maybe some opinions about the problem. So that they can actually give someone helpful advice, not useless help that makes the problem gets even

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