The Character Of Capulet In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Every story has an ending. Some may be devastating, and others a happily ever after. In William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, it ends tragically for these two star crossed lovers. But as for the rest, their endings are yet to be determined. Capulet was cruel, the Nurse was a kind friend, and Friar Lawrence was loyal. Will they be pardoned or punished?
Capulet is the father of young Juliet … or was. Before the incident, he had proven himself to be a cruel and unloving father. Thus is why he must be punished for the unforgivable deeds he did. Capulet’s denouement will pay for the beautiful ending Juliet did not receive with Romeo, at his fault. Capulet did not treat Juliet with the love and respect she deserved, as his child. “Out, you
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She was not only a nurse and maid, but also Juliet's closest friend. Juliet intrusted her with valuable information and secrets about her love life with Romeo. The Nurse went out of her way to always bring the young girl happiness by doing tasks she was not required to do. But she did out of the kindness of her heart. “God in heaven bless her! You are to blame my lord, to rate her so.” (3. 5. 169-170), exclaimed the Nurse as she stands up to Capulet for treating Juliet badly. The Nurse knows the consequences of speaking up to her boss, but does this anyway because she is a kind friend. “Hie to your chamber. I’ll find Romeo to comfort you, I wot well where he is. Hark ye, your Romeo will be here at night. I’ll to him, he is hid at Lawrence’s cell.” (3. 3. 138-141), the Nurse promised Juliet. She did this to bring the child happiness and out of the kindness and love in her heart, as a friend of Juliet's. She did not have to run all the way to Friar Lawrence’s cell to give Romeo a ring, because it is not part of her job description. But she accomplished the task anyway. The Nurse continually shows the readers the truly kind friend she is to Juliet. So she shall be pardoned for her good

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