Rome 's Influence On The Roman Empire Essay

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Rome Lives On

When the Roman Empire fell, its systems and values did not fall with it. Even after it fell there were very few changes within the rural economy and the Roman Empire continued to influence it. It began its decline in the 5th and 6th centuries because of the barbarian advances. Once the Roman Empire fell large Roman landowners developed a system to combine their hold over land and laborers. This system is called Manorialism. It was the most prominent form of the rural economy in Western Europe from the 6th century to the 13th century. In manorialism those who worked the land were made dependent on their lords through serfdom and in return the lords protected them. Although these manors were not Roman, the roman landlords were simply replaced by European ones. These manors instituted agricultural concepts from the Romans in addition to a laws and a judicial system known as the manorial court. The manorial court was run by an official called the seneschal, who was appointed by the lord of the manor. During the time of the Roman Empire the upper class used the Roman villa system, where rich aristocrats ran large agricultural estates worked by slaves. The system of manorialism originated from the Roman villa system, and the laws governing over the manors were similar to those in Roman times. Despite the Roman Empire decline, manorialism evolved from the economy and laws of Rome and so Greco-Roman civilization persisted, influencing Western Europe…

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