Greek Law Essay

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The United States, like many other countries have their own set of law, the constitution. Most of the laws prescribed in the constitution of a western world, like the United States, is influenced by the Roman & Greek law, and when read with scrutinizing eyes, an observer can see the implicit connection of the constitution of the present and the past. Furthermore, the founding fathers of the United States used Greek & Roman law to write down the declaration of independence. The declaration of independence hints at many Greek & Roman laws like the government structure, the democracy, habeas corpus, equality, and ostracism.
In the declaration of independence, the founding fathers laid out the structure of the government of the United States. All
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This is strikingly similar to the habeas corpus law that was a legacy of the Rome. In Roman law, no person was to be accused of any crime, unless the accuser had reasonable proof that the victim had indeed committed the crime. This law is the cornerstone of the United States constitution. The United States constitution protects the right of all men and women, The constitution guarantees a swift trial by a grand jury who will access the case, and then the accused case will be decided. Unlike many other countries in the modern world where the wealthy can persecute the poor, the citizens of the United States are protected by the constitution. No one’s personal property like a house can be searched without a warrant. Habeas corpus was a significant part of the Roman legal system that was based on the fact that it was present in every human being. Hence, it can be said that the law was a mirror image of the philosophies presented by …show more content…
Under the constitution, every citizen of the United States is allowed to exercise free speech, expression, and press. Similarly, in Pericles funeral oration, Pericles talks about the freedom of all the Athenians in the land of Athens. Everyone was able to enjoy entertainment. Education wasn’t limited to the people of Athens, but even foreigners can benefit from the education. Not only that, all Athenians were free to speak, and discuss. This can be traced back to Agora, a place in Athens where all men were allowed to take part in talks that would lead to new laws. Infact, it was the duty of the Athenians to go to Agora and raise their voice to present their interests as well. Like Agora, in modern world, the house is the place where representatives voice their concerns about a multitude of problems. The Greeks used these concepts to not only discuss on political issues, but also spread knowledge. The famous philosopher Socrates used Agora as a way to spread his message to the traders and elders. Over time, Plato overheard Socrates, and became his

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