Rome And Judaism 's Influence On The State Of The Christian Church

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Albert Schweitzer once said, “Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.”(GoodReads). While some are aware of small portions of Christianity’s history, many are unaware of the cultures and religions that influenced the spread of the religion as well as the religion’s practices, beliefs, and churches. From Rome’s influences on the church as a state, the architecture of Christian churches, and the spread of the religion, to Jewish influences on the Christian Bible, the Messiah in Christianity, the religion’s practices and prayers. These cultures not only influenced by example, as Schweitzer said, but through writings as well. It is the ways that Rome and Judaism influenced Christianity that will be analyzed within this paper. One of the ways which Rome influenced Christianity is through the state of the Christian church. Constantine was influential in many ways, including being the first to hold councils for clergymen and churches. Three years after becoming emperor, Constantine held a council of the clergy to represent all of the West. He then held a council for the different churches to come together 11 years after that first meeting (Ekeke 25). These councils grew to be a component of the common life within the church. They also “became important factors in creating common belief, unity and order in the church.” The church became very powerful at this time, settling matters of government and worship, along with other matters, including…

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