Essay Romantic Love Can Not Be Forced Or Be Arranged

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"The word Romance of course is derived from Roman ages, having to do with ancient Rome in the Middle Ages, people looked upon Roman Empire as something grounded and glorious, something far surpassing their own course time in its achievements"(wagoner, pg50). When you think about the word romantic it has come to be referred to almost anything Grand and glorious, this Cosmic powerful force of emotions that you feel for that special someone." In contrast to the ordinary constraints of daily life common reason and morality"(Wagoner, pg52). Romantic love is seen in which someone is in search for a heroic figure that is passionate and adventurous which is an Escape from normal life to an extraordinary, passionate fulfilled life. Romantic love involves feelings of high emotions" In fact, a certain kind of feeling, it 's regarded as the Hallmark of romantic love and its presence or absence is decisively"(Wagoner, pg. 52). Romantic love cannot be forced or be arranged, it 's something unexplainable and you can explain when it comes and when it goes. Romantic love is all about the chase, Desiring love or the idea of what it should be." We fall in love and are helpless when it happens"(Wagoner, pg52). when we Fall head-over-heels for another person, its like being Love-struck by cupid. A wise man once said loves makes people do crazy things. " when we are in thrall to love almost any kind of behavior, no matter how bizarre, seems justifiable” (Wagoner, pg53). unfortunately, romantic…

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