Essay on Roman And Roman Influence On Christianity

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Roman influence
According to old Roman tales, Rome was founded in 753 B.C.E by Romulus, a descendant of Aeneas. Romulus and his twin brother Remus were infants when their uncle tried to kill them by throwing them in the Tiber River. The old tale says that a female wolf found them in the edge of the water and took care of them. One day a herd’s man found the cave where they were living and took them to his house. As they matured, they found out that their uncle attempted to kill them, so they found out where he was living and killed him. Then Romulus became Rome’s first king by killing his brother Remus. Rome immediately began conquering their Italian neighbors and eventually became a might nation, which for this reason they are still an influence today. In other words, Roman civilization has left an imprint in our society’s religion, laws, architecture, satire, philosophy and administration.
One of the most significant changes Rome made was make Christianity its state religion. Christianity was started by a Jewish man named Jesus. Although the Romans did not start Christianity, in fact, they killed Jesus the founder and God of Christianity by crucifixion. The Romans also had the Christians persecuted and killed. Even after the fall of Rome, Christianity continued to influence nations and people. In today’s civilization, we still can see the remnant of those remains. Roman made lots of changes to Christianity that are still seen in today’s civilizations. The church mass was…

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