Rollo May's Essay: Love Vs. Sex

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Rollo May describes many topics about how the world functions and operates. One of the most interesting topics he talks about is love versus sex. May states “Love is a delight in the presence of the other, and an affirming of his value and development as much as one’s own” (Ewen, Robert B., 1998). May believes that people in the society have confused the meaning of love with the meaning of sex. He believes that the biggest component of such is the medias portrayal of glorifying sex and suggestion that it is unhealthy to not have sex often. May also states how he believes that he believes sex works like a narcotic drug to keep individuals from becoming aware of their essential separateness from others (Ryckman, Richard M., 1985). Therefore, the overall perspective of …show more content…
I believe that society and media have continuously portrayed sex as more of a necessitate than love. If you look at the Bible, sex is something that is not supposed to be done till after marriage and is a form of love a man and woman share. Now, people are having sex as children in middle school. It is sad to me that people set out just to have sex and do not focus on having real relationship throughout their younger age. Sex is supposed to be something that is special and only given up when ready. Now, not only is sex being given out easier, but is being forced on many. For example, in the media recently there has been many sexual assault allegations about famous men who have assaulted his employees or people he has worked with in the past. Since sex is looked at as just an action and not something special, victims of assault are scared to come out and say something about the situation. Therefore, now that one person came out in the news, many others have joined in on sharing their sexual assault stories. It is sad that people crave sex so much that they are taking it out on innocent people and forcing sexual actions upon someone without

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