Gender Stereotypes In The Sports Industry

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Despite men dominating the business front, statistically women can do just as much for their company as men can. When people think of a successful sports executive the gender most people think of is men. In almost all sports company 's women are not given the same opportunities as men. One industry in particular that is dominated by men is in the sports industry. Overall companies still target more men than women. In the article "women in top sports management" the author states that "Based on the information gathered, the majority of women working in the sport industry are working as receptionists, assistants, or the in service side of sports” (Katie Simmons 1). This quote shows that even when women are involved in sports manage, most of the …show more content…
One cannot deny that companies know what is best for their business and that they hire who they believe is the best at a position of power. Many people believe that gender doesn 't have any effect on the company and that the company focuses on who can make their company more successful. Many People also say that women do not have the time and can not be as motivating in a business from as men can. However, Studies show that more employees do feel like they are getting motivated enough by someone in the company. "In a survey of working Americans, Gallup found that employees who work for a female manager are 1.26 times more likely than employees who work for a male manager to strongly agree that "There is someone at work who encourages my development” (Joel Kranc 1). This quote shows that women are capable of motivating their co-workers and most of the time they give encouragement more than men. This quote clarify just how successful women can be outside of profit and truly in the office. Studies have also showed that men severally outnumber women at having a position of power in the business. "Among Fortune 500 companies, women made up about 15 percent of female executive officers" (Joel Kranc 1). This quote leads me to believe that out of all the businesses and all of the people trying to be an executive there was more than 15% of women that were more than capable to help and succeed with their business. This quote supports that women can be a successful business leader because it shows just how many companies are successful with a women being their leader. Overall women are capable of having success in a position of power and most of the time men are hired even when a women can be just as much, if not more capable of holding a position of power in a

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