Essay about Roles And Effectiveness Of The Mentor

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Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America is a volunteer-based intervention organization that has assisted the youth population by changing their perspectives and giving the youth the opportunity to reach their full potential. The organization’s procedure is pairing a child with a mentor which results in building a strong relationship with unrestricted potential. Mentors go through background checks and necessary training to be able to volunteer as a big brother or a big sister. In the present paper, the role and the effectiveness of the mentor in a youth’s life and the most effective qualifications of the mentor will be investigated. It is hypothesized that involving the youth in a mentor program and incorporating mentors who have certain preexisting positive characteristics with the youth population creates encouraging relationships and lowers youths’ chances of becoming delinquent. The following five pieces of literature attempt to demonstrate and support the hypothesis.
In order to become an effective mentor and have an effective, positive impact on youth, mentors must perceive themselves and their duties positively. In a research article by Lakind, Eddy, and Zell (2014), the objective of the study was examining the role conceptions of professional mentors serving at-risk youth. The focus of the investigation was based on how the mentors perceived their roles and their organization using a semi-structured interview. The sample consisted of 9 mentors who have been employed at…

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