Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Within Teaching Essay

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Course Title .Understand own role, responsibilities and boundaries of role in relation to teaching
Chris Hirst

PTLLS Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning Sector Level 3 Award

Depending on the organisation, your role, responsilbities and boundaries as a teacher will depend on five areas of the teaching/learning cycle.
The purpose of the cycle is to educate, communicate, and motivate students to learn.

Identifying the learners needs Role of the teacher is to identify the individual needs of the students. The teacher’s responsibility is to attend organisational events. These are informal meetings, where the learners may be given advised on the relevant courses to suit
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The organisation which employs the teacher may have a similar a code of conduct, which will cover similar behaviours, including health and safety requirement and disciplinary procedures. The teacher must also set ground rules; these may include deal with eating and drinking within the classroom, and respecting others views and beliefs. Further responsibilities will be providing a safe working environment; this will be complying with health and safety guidelines. To enable learning the teacher may choose several methods to encourage learning. Pedagogy teaching is often the formal approach to learning; this may include the teacher giving, lectures, demonstration, and presentations. This style is often seen as the traditional teaching approach, where the learner has limited involvement. The other teaching method is called andragogical. Here the student is at the centre of any learning. With the use of open questions during any session the student becomes more actively involved and therefore takes ownership of their learning. This method is often referred to as coaching Assessing
Here the role is to assess what learning is taking place. The

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