Role of the computer system in different environment Essay

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Explain the role of Computer Systems in different environments.
The rising of computer technology has taken deep roots in every field nowadays. It is impossible for anyone to imagine a world without a computing environment. It is the worst nightmare for any organization to imagine its functioning without high end automated systems.

What is the importance if a computer system?
Computers are extremely important in the modern world of today. In the fast moving life of the modern world of today, computers hold incredible significance. Many of us will feel cripple without a computer, as we have gotten so used to this machine. The importance of computers cannot be denied in the corporate or business world, at the work place and even in
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They also need to know income, heath levels, and educational levels.
Vehicle Registration
Every vehicle has a unique registration number. This number together with the vehicle and owner details is kept in a central database.
Voting registers
In order to vote, a person must be recorded on the voting register.
Electronic voting
This is a system that is being introduced which will allow voters to register their choice online to submit their ballot instead of the traditional method of marking a piece of paper.
National Identity System
The department of home affairs keeps records of all the citizens in a country. It keeps records births, marriages and deaths.

Computers in the banking sector have enhanced customer service and productivity regarding account management, while streamlining back-office activities. In present time computer system play vital role in banking. Without computers, it would be very hard for a bank to offer good customer service day in and day out. Computers help a bank save time and money, and can be used as an aid to generate profits.
There are some new trends in banking.
Personal Banking
Online Banking
Mobile Banking

The importance of computers in medicine is growing and spreading rapidly. The only disadvantage is that a full-fledged installation of all the computerized systems in hospitals is a lengthy and costly process. There are however, some

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