Computer History Essay

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Prior to the 1930’s the word computer would have been defined as: a person who makes calculations, especially with a calculating machine. Today, computers are defined as: an electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program. Humans and computers are evolving side by side to become the perfect couple in this information age. From business to education to even the medical field, computers have helped humans mold and assist us grow and evolve into what we are today.

In the BC years, a lot of the tasks we would usually do with a computer were done in other ways. Computers first started with a man named Jay Randolph Monroe in 1912. Mr. Monroe saw growing demands
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This calculator initiated the use of the word “computers”. The “computers” where not machines, but humans, and they worked in “computer rooms” full of small desks. The Monroe Manual Rotary Calculator was a crank machine that multiplies quickly and easily. You would set one number in the keys, then the “computers” would crank the big crank forward one turn to add and back to subtract. Twenty-four years later the first freely programmable computer was created by Konrad Zuse. The Z1 computer was only capable of executing instructions read from the punch tape reader, so the program itself was never loaded into the memory. Fast forwarding to today, we cannot imagine a world without computers. There are so many different types of computers, but mainly two that we are familiar with. We have the laptop which are miniature and optimized for mobile use and the desktop which is …show more content…
“Population Science is essentially the study of health and illness within groups” (Hendricks). Doctors have been able to diagnose patients on a large scale. The computers have allowed the doctors to look at the life span, frequency of illness and death rate in a efficient manner. Population Science was only applied during outbreaks, but now it is used as a tool by doctors to discover ways to cure epidemics instead of just treating a single individual. “Evidence-based guidelines allow doctors to figure out the likely causes of a symptom and the best way to treat it” (Hendricks).The evidence-based guidelines are systematically developed statements to assist doctors in patient diagnosis. It is impossible for one doctor to know how to recognize and treat every disease in the world. Doctors can now come really close when diagnosing a patient. Furthermore, in the last couple of years, medical billing and coding have switched from paper to all computerized format. “Doctors are benefiting immensely from the drive toward electronic medical records “(Hendricks). With a touch of a button, doctors are able to access all of the patients’ medical history and can figure out any possible

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