Role of Ministry of Health in Malaysia Essay

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The Ministry of Health’s role is basically to lay the policy and the direction of health services in the country and to show the commitment of the Government, and the powers-to-be, that health is of utmost importance in nation building. And the role of the ministry is to enforce regulations and be the regulator. Imagine if there is no Ministry of Health, anybody can make the claim that their product is the best for health; anybody can set up a hospital. Nobody to regulate the quality of the workforce involved the quality of healthcare, and the quality of equipment. So the Ministry of Health has a big role as a regulator and policy maker.

The Ministry of Health, being the lead agency in health provides leadership on matters relating to
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The Ministry of Health has a mission to build partnerships for health, to motivate and facilitate the people to fully attain their health potential, appreciate health as a valuable asset, and to take positive actions to further improve and sustain their health status. The Ministry of Health’s vision for the future and the strategic objectives are based on its corporate values that incorporate professionalism, teamwork and caring.

The Ministry of Health has some strategic goals which are to prevent and reduce the burden of disease, enhance the healthcare delivery system, optimize resources, improve research and development, manage crisis and disasters effectively, and to strengthen the health information management system. Ministry of Health has some strategies. First, they want improve governance, and adoption of appropriate technology and service practices to empower individuals, families and communities towards attaining lifelong wellness. Second, they will develop skills and competencies to further reduce mortality and morbidity rates

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