Role Of Federalism In Education

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The Federal Role in Education Today:

School Curriculum and Testing

When our government system was first founded, the framers wanted to make sure that we would have an effective and structured government. They knew having one source of power could result in tyranny so they decided to split the power between the national and state governments. Recently, there has been speculation about whether the government’s federal power has been exceeding the state’s authority and limiting their rights. It is important for the state and national government to share powers because it reinforced the framers idea of a strong and powerful government. The implementation of federalism helps prevent corruption and the abuse of powers to maintain balance.
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In order for the government to assess how students were preforming in each state, they gave the states the power to create their own state curriculum. For example, Florida Governor Rick Scott and Commissioner Pam Stewart mandate education by implementing standardized testing in schools. Back in 2008, Florida began assessing schools by gathering student’s FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) scores to see if students were performing at the level they were expected to be for each grade level based on Common Core standards. Schools that had higher test scores were graded in each district and were graded on how well they’re achieving the state’s educational goals. They were also funded more by the state government to ensure that students would continue to succeed. These funds allowed for schools to purchase text books, computers, iPads, and other learning software to help students learn using different methods. They knew that some students can’t just learn out of a text book. The funds from the government helped schools offer other alternatives for students to be successful and to prepare them for the standardized tests. The federal government requiring states to have their own state mandated curriculum can be misunderstood by some people thinking that the idea of federalism is diminishing. People are misunderstanding …show more content…
While this power was granted to the states as an implied power, the federal government has exercised its power more recently. This does not imply that federalism is eroding just because the national and state government shares the power. It reinforced the idea of checks and balances to prevent tyranny, especially in schools. It is important for the two governments to work together because it ensures that the school systems will continue to focus on the success of students and prepare them for life after high school and college. The misunderstanding of the two governments fighting for power has made people think that the federal government is eroding federalism and diminishing what our founding fathers hoped for when establishing our American

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