Summary: The Importance Of Vegets

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Animals are a necessity to everyday life; whether the animal is used for food production, research, pets, or are wild animals, they all need a doctor for when they are sick or hurt. A veterinarian is a person who helps and cares for different kinds of animals. People have confidence that the vets will take care of their most beloved companion, because of all the schooling a vet had to do. Despite the responsibility, there are many reasons why people love being vets. A few of the reasons are of the pay, diversity of the job, and the gratification of helping animals (Kramer, Mary Hope). While it may seem like a fun career it does have its challenges, like the difficulty of finding a job.
In 2014 there was approximately 78,300 people that
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Veterinarians also need to have good aptitudes: or the capability to do many things. Vets excel in aptitude in the subjects of compassion, dedication, quick decision making skills, time management, knowledge, and great communication skills (State Alabama). Not only do vets need all those skills, they also need a great education. All vets must take classes in animal biology, chemistry, animal nutritions, genetics, advance surgical techniques, veterinary physiology, and inorganic chemistry. But vets just can’t go to any college or university, an aspiring vet must attend an accredited “American Veterinary Medical Association” where they will get their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree ("Tufts Pre-Veterinary Society."). Along with passing college a vet must also pass the American Veterinary Licensing Examination. Vets are required to complete a residency program and some will complete internships. The experience a vet has after schooling is priceless, they will shadow other vets and start applying the knowledge they acquired in school to real life situations. After graduating college and passing the exam, many veterinarians enter the working field through internships and residencies. Not only is it a requirement to become a vet, the clinics that offered the internship or residency will more than likely hire them (National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners). While being a veterinarian use to be a male dominated job, females have taken over. Infact women make up the majority of students in veterinary colleges now. Of course this will not always be true, either gender can grow or shrink at any moment (Lofstedt, Jeanne). No matter what the gender all vets must be prepared for the work environment. All veterinarians are employed by an animal hospital or a private clinical but they doesn 't mean vets stay in that environment all day. The workplaces of a vet can

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