Roland Fryer A Harvard Economist Essay

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Roland Fryer a Harvard Economist did experiments in hundreds of classrooms in different cities. Fryer used private money to pay 18,000 kids and he spent $6.3 million dollars to do these studies. This experiment was done in four cities: Chicago, Dallas, Washington and New York City. These children were paid for having good test scores and for not fighting each other. Fryer expected a certain city to be more successful, but the experiment had no effect at all. The children that had received money and incentives performed much better. According to Fryer, his goal was to see how American White and minority children learn by the year 2025.Fryer were very fascinated by children and their academic achievements (Ripley, 2010).
Fryer was 16 years old when his father was arrested for sexual assault, and Fryer had to bail his father out of jail. Fryer raised himself and got a job at McDonald 's and stole money out of the cash register. Then he sold marijuana and carried a 357 magnum. Fryer was very competitive when it came to playing basketball and football and earned a scholarship to the University of Texas. During Fryer first semester of college he took a calculus class and scored 45out of 100. Fryer’s friends called him "colt 45", he was enraged because of his failure, and he didn 't want to be like the people from his neighborhood. Fryer began working hard in school; he graduated in two and half years with an economics degree. Then he went on to get his Ph.D. at Penn State…

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