Yeast Bread Research Paper

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Food is on of the most vital part of human existence. Ever since the beginning of mankind food has been experimented with and improved for a better taste and to fill an appetite. On of the great things man has made is baking, a way to cook bread and other delicious pastries. But to make the thick heavy dough into the airy scrumptious large bread that we eat on a daily basic requires a lot more skill and science than one would think. The way that bread raises is with a vital ingredient called yeast. But what is yeast and what things affect the outcome that it makes. That is what I have researched and have come to inform people about.
To know how bread works one has to know what yeast is. Yeast is a single celled organism that is a fungus. Normally
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With ovens you can speed up the temperature of atoms and make them hot and produce things faster and with freezers you can slow down the temperature of atoms and make them cold and produce things a lot slower with less quality and quantity. The higher the temperature the faster the cells move making them produce more alcohol and carbon dioxide (Elevated Kitchen). This will have the same result as adding too much yeast; the bread will over inflate and will breach the breads surface and make flat grainy really bad bread. But sometimes the bread will not burst, sometimes the yeast cells are pushed to produce too fast and they burn themselves out and die. This burns the bread and will again taste very revolting. The best temperature to cook bread with yeast in it is about ninety to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. (Baker’s Yeast) This makes the yeast produce fast but not burn itself out. The highest temperature to have is maximum one hundred and forty degrees so it wont burn out (The Relationship Between Humidity and …show more content…
Altitude is the height of an object above sea level. The higher up you are the less air pressure there is. Air pressure is the pressure that gravity pushes onto the earth. The higher someone is the less air pressure there is because the pressure is greater closer to the ocean because gravity pushes more when closer to ground level (What Is Altitude?). Obviously the more pressure on the bread the harder it is to rise and the carbon dioxide might just burst out the sides making again flat bread. This is why the amount of yeast has to be changed for how high someone is. It only starts to make a difference when one is higher than three thousand feet (Baking Yeast Breads At High Altitudes). If one lives in the mountains and use the same amount of yeast as someone closer to ocean level then disappointment will be a result. Because the higher you are the less resistance the bread has to rise the yeast will easily produce more CO2 and then overload and burst once again. Use less yeast at three thousand feet or higher and more yeast closer to ocean

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