Rocky Mount Correctional Facility 's Mission Essay

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Rocky Mount Correctional Facility’s mission is to have a secure and safe place for inmates and staff. Our goal is to rehabilitate the inmates so they can return to society as an accomplished and socially rehabilitated person. Our leadership and involvement in our communities are very important to this facility. Our facility is a credited facility by the American Correctional Association. Emergency and safety procedures are our first priority her at the Rocky Mount Correctional Facility. Everyone that is an inmate or staff has to sign a document showing they understand these measures that we request. The American Correctional Association
Often times there are the mentally challenged inmates that have issues that need to be addressed. We have the staff that is adequately trained to handle these individuals. Everyone has the opportunity to make their transition easy and as productive as possible. Those who give extra time to make these things happen often gets awards for their good work done.
There are several mental illness classes that are offered here at this facility. If the Doctors feel like someone needs additional help then they can get it. They are usually housed in a different part of the prison for their protection and for the protection of others. Mental illness is a major problem in prisons and leads to tremendous problems. They are evaluated by professionals and given the correct medicine if needed.
Federal and state laws and constitutions require that the…

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