Robo-Stingray Speech

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Everything you need to know about in this weekly: An infographic on hot and cold in the universe, scientists create a robo-stingray that has more to offer than realized, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Nye team up to explain climate change, and an amazing stunt that has to be seen to be believed (and then seen again because WOW).

At Social Underground we go beyond the mainstream stuff and see what’s underneath the surface. What should we get into, listen to, read, eat or watch? If there is something in our culture that needs attention that’s our job: Show you the underground things that you need to know about: Books, music, television, movies, comedians, art, and whatever else we can find to get you into something you never knew about. That’s
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Scientists created a Robo-Stingray because nature isn't scary enough. A robo-stingray has been made of gold and rat muscles. Have yourself a seat, writer down a list of your accomplishments, and then think about how insane that sounds. It looks like it's a natural creature, but then again, it's made of GOLD AND RAT HEART MUSCLES. Is it an animal? Is it a machine? It's both.

What does this mean? Did scientists all sit around to think of something incredible to create for the hell of it? Nope, they hope this is one of many steps to create a human heart. You know that thing beating in your chest, the thing that has probably taken family members of yours, the thing that is the image of life and love -- that thing? Scientists want to be able to make one because they're probably one of the most needed organs that people need on the transplant list. My Dad had a heart attack in 2010, and it was probably the worst thing I can think of when I look back on personal issues. One minute my dumb ass was having car problems which he had to fix, the next I come home and he said he had heart burn. I asked him on a scale of 1-10 how bad it was, and he said it was 10. This man is a Vietnam Vet. This man is the man who doesn't show weakness to anyone. When he told me it was 10, he was going to the hospital. He was saved, but if this sort of thing was widely available now, he'd probably ask for a new heart when that

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