The Importance Of Choose The Opt Out System In Organ Donation

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Choose the Opt. Out System in Organ Donation
Being able to provide enough organs to fill the need of those that are in final stages of organ failure. There are people dying every day because they are not receiving the organs they desperately need to survive. Many possible donors are overlooked because families and friends have not discussed whether to donate organs or not. At first glance everyone gets caught up in whether it is ethical to provide financial gain to people who are living donors or not. This is taken away from the possibility of saving people’s lives. Some people do not even know what actually happens to organs when a person dies. Even after doing research it still can be very confusing on whether organs are needed after death.
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in system to eight opt out system when it comes to organ donation. America and many other countries are considered to be an opt. in system this means you must sign a donor registration card or depend on your family to make the decision at the time of your death. A opt out system means that if you do not sign an opt. out card you automatically are available to become an organ donor. There has been many countries that are seriously looking to change from an opt. in system to an opt. out system (Shepherd, O’carroll, and Ferguson, 2014). Often when it comes to organ donation in the opt. in system people that might donate organs simply do not take the time to fill out the donor card. By making every country in opt. out system is still respects a person wishes and religious beliefs because at any time after a person becomes an adult they are able to choose not to be an organ donor. When it comes to minors the parents would still have to make the decision either way. By changing to an opt. out system it would clear up when the family may not know the wishes of the deceased. This is done through presumed consent if a person fails to opt. out. Confusion has often been the leading culprit in a decision that families are asked whether or not the deceased would like to be a organ …show more content…
in system to an opt. out system, understanding the difference between opt. in and opt out systems, the ethical argument between opt. in and opt. out, and how changing to an opt. out will benefit people in need of organ transplants. Having the most beneficial option when it comes to organ donation. By changing to an opt. out system families will not be required to make a very hard decision when they are dealing with their emotions of losing their family. The system would still require family permission when the organs of a minor when question. Every system has good and bad so finding a happy medium to the problem. The only difference between opt. in and opt. out system is whether or not the card you sign is to donate or not to donate. People are not against organ donation itself but it is more on whether one’s wishes will be carried out after death and that religious beliefs are not violated. The matter how a person looks at the situation everyone should be trying to reach the same goal and that is saving lives when possible. By changing to an opt. out system it will delete whether a person believes the organs are valuable to another person. The cost is no greater than the opt. in system. The decision to change every country to an opt. out system would provide many needed organs to people that may not have time to wait. By changing to an opt. out system no one would have the added responsibility of deciding except for the

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