Essay on Robert Sternberg 's Triangular Theory Of Love

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The iconic “love heart” shape along with its distinctive red colour characterizes the universal symbol of love or what we as a society generally associate love and affection with.
The porcelain material used for the heart shape cast, relates to the fact that the heart itself is fragile and so is love. If handled wrong it can shatter into a million pieces and like love if treated with tender care, the porcelain heart will last and stay strong. The basic heart shape links to the idea that we only have a very basic knowledge of what love is and what it is consists of, the copper spirals represent a more in depth connotation of the different forms of love bought to life by Robert Sternberg’s Triangular theory of love; and that they are not just this one simplified form but is interconnected as stated in Sternberg’s theory. Many forms of love have grey areas, where they overlap which is why it is such a heavily debated subject of what love actually is.
This piece a representation of my experience and the ideologies I’ve researched about love. I have lived what I have researched in the process of making this piece, and it makes it all the more personal and significant to me.

Love could very well be considered a universal human phenomenon; we all need to love and to be loved. The human need for love is placed in our knowledge of our individual loneliness within the natural and social world. This is one of the existential contrasts, in which characterize the human condition:…

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