Triangular Theory Of Love In Relationships Essay

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A relationship needs mature and healthy love. It is important for us to acknowledge the differences between mature and infatuation love. To know whether each relationship is mature or immature is to see through their actions, communications, and attitudes towards their relationship.
For Mature love, couples will show their partner love and respect. For the couple I interviewed, they have proved me that their relationship is mature. As Jasmine shared that she will respect her partner by not quarrel with him in public and also will not do things that he doesn't like her to do. Darren also shared that he will respect her opinions too. Both of them will also discuss their future plan which also proved to me that their relationship is mature. As
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Triangular Theory of Love
The triangular theory of love includes commitment, passion, and intimacy that are the main factor to keep a relationship going. However, the definition and ranking of these factors in a relationship can be very different for different couples. Some relationship may only care about only one factor while others care all the three factors.
For the couple, both of them ranked it differently. Jasmine thinks that passion is what they should invest time in while Darren thinks that commitment is something that both of you should value. In Darren conversation, he felt that intimacy is about giving his partner's warmth and having a close interaction with one another. He also shared that commitment happen when one another show concern to each other. Jasmine added that it is about ‘being able to continue to be with one another no matter what happens'. According to Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D. from Psychology Today, “People who are strongly committed to their relationship make a vow to stay in that relationship through thick and thin, and therefore are willing to work hard to keep it going even if the thin outweighs the thick.” This showed that both of them are very committed in their relationship, as they will be there for one another no matter what happens. In their opinion, all three factors are essential in a relationship, but passion and commitment are what they will rank the most important than intimacy in their

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