Robert Downy Jr Psychological Assessment Essay example

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Robert Downey Jr.’s Diagnostic Evaluation Assessment
Michelle Nguyen
University of Texas at Arlington

Mutiaxial Evaluation This diagnostic assessment evaluates Robert Downey Jr. previous lifestyle between 1996 and early 2001, before rehabilitation in late 2001. The following multiaxial evaluation is followed by different examples of each diagnostic criterion on the DSM-IV Axes and Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) scores.
DSM-IV Multiaxial Evaluation
Axis I: Bipolar II Disorder
Drug addiction Major depressive episodes Alcohol abuse Impulsive Mood episodes

Substance Dependence Abuse of heroin, cocaine, valium, and marijuana Axis II: R/O Axis III: None

Axis IV:
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(A&E Entertainment).
Axis V: GAF = 70. On a daily basis his functioning would be normal. But there are times when he would fall below. Previously, his GAF could’ve been 50, he had difficulty with his social or occupational life without the dependence of drug or alcohol. He also would show signs of depression and mood swings during his period of relapse. There are times when his GAF would fall below 50, since his first wife and him and divorced and he lost custody battle to his son, because of his drug abuse and alcoholism, which interfered with his life.

Robert Downey Jr. could’ve sought out a therapist or psychologist for his issues, no articles posted if he did or not, but just that he sought out rehabilitation for his drug abuse and alcoholism. But early therapy could’ve potentially helped him from becoming addicted or dependence on drugs and alcohol because he would’ve been talking to a professional about his problems or stress from work. It is obvious that because of his irresponsible father, it cause Robert Downey Jr. to feel that drugs did not seem like a negative image, possibly living with his mother could’ve been a better decision from the start of the divorced instead of choosing the live with his father for a few years. There are now new drugs that have been invented to help reduce cocaine cravings such as: Gabapentin, Baclofen, N-acetylcysteine, Disulfiram, Modafinil,

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