Roald Forester's Contribution To The War

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Register to read the introduction… His squadron leader later said, “There is no doubt in my mind that ‘Lofty’ was a very good fighter pilot and very gallant” (Middleton). Due to his often contribution to the war, he was finally given a chance to retire and become one the embassy in Washington. Consequently, he became friends with many wealthy and famous Americans, which gave him network to socialize with famous authors(Middleton). One day, an influential journalist named C.S. Forester asked Roald Dahl to write his point of view about the war that happened recently for a newsletter titled, Saturday Evening Post. He eventually wrote his feelings and experience when becoming a fighter pilot. Ten days after he submitted his entrée to the newsletter, Forester wrote back to him, “Did you know you were a writer? I haven’t changed a word.”. Since that day, he has gotten his motivation to write stories and other literatures. One of the other keys tostories becoming successful is through encouragement from others. He understands the power of words towards a person’s feelings. By that one simple sentence, he was given motivation to write and finally led to his success. He finally learns to use his words to help others, especially children, so they can get motivations and also an encouragement to live the most out of their childhood. Roald Dahl’s words give children the ability or needs to …show more content…
As mentioned in the last paragraph, Roald Dahl enjoyed writing letters to his mother, and writing became his good habit. Roald Dahl uses ‘reader-friendliness’ in his writings. He involves you in his stories. Incorporating into Dahl’s clash or plot gives the reader a much more thrill when reading his books and this is considered an intelligent way to write. “Roald Dahl delights in the sounds and music of words, their meaning and rhyme. He enriches his fiction with a whole vocabulary of invented words: gobblefunk, uckyslush,lickswishy – whose meanings derive from their sounds”(Faundez). This kind of word usage could add interest to the reader, and also adds a lighthearted mood towards the story. He used figurative languages to express his thoughts in a deeper meaning, like metaphors, similes, alliteration, and etc, and also adds ‘sparks’ to his words, giving it endless meaning(Faundez). He knows what children enjoy! “They love being spooked. They love ghosts. They love the finding of treasure. The love chocolates and toys and money. They love magic. They love being made to giggle. They love seeing the villain meet a grisly death. They love a hero and they love the hero to be a winner. But they hate descriptive passages and flowery prose. They hate long descriptions of any sort. Many of them are sensitive to good writing and can …show more content…
A recently established foundation, named Roald Dahl Foundation, was created to help children with serious illness to live happily and fully. In conclusion, he keyed his experience at his childhood and his trained skills of writing, therefore, led him to his success and become noticed by child readers.

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