Rks Guitars Essay

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SRKS Guitars Case Analysis

RKS Guitars doesn’t have a strategy to set their product firmly and sustainable in the guitar market. The symptoms of this problem can be seen in the slow logistics of shipping and assembly of the products that were not matching the order deadlines and also the high costs that involved the full process of guitar development and advertising compared to the low perception of earnings that the company feel at that moment.

The alternatives for the company are the following:

1) RKS must stay with their actual Marketing and Distribution arm, Hohner. * Pros (+): I) Established distributor of musical instruments: This means that the company has contacts and networks that could make the brand
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XII) Possibility of wrong decisions and misunderstandings. XIII) Different points of view of the same business.

3) RKS should itself take on the marketing and selling responsibilities. * Pros (+): XIV) Complete immersion in the product developing. XV) Product will get due attention. XVI) Product development and advertising will be in the line of the company’s belief. * Cons (-): XVII) No real experience of the Company in these areas. XVIII) Time and money invested in market research, instead of outsourcing.

4) Find a buyer that could license their design. * Pros (+): XIX) Money for development and improvement of the brand. XX) Use buyer’s market position to get into the customers. XXI) Support from a big firm helps for brand awareness and quality of RKS products. * Cons (-): XXII) Possibility of having the project buried or shelved by the Buyer. XXIII) Loss of RKS power into product making with their ideals and beliefs. XXIV) Decision power of the Buyer against RKS.

My recommendation for RKS Guitars is a mix of number 2 and 3. Finding a new partner can help to clear the wrinkled path and doubtful sensation that RKS had about how the product was developing. Also, adding new ideas into the business works as a complement to all the

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