Hard Rock Research Paper

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Hard rock is a variation of rock and roll music that is highly amplified and usually rhythmically simple (“hard-rock”). This genre of music exists in partnership with other forms of rock and roll, such as garage rock, psychedelic rock, punk, and grunge music. These forms of music are under the umbrella term “Hard rock” in order to distinguish them from more radio-friendly music like pop rock ("Hard Rock").
Hard rock is intensely subjective to blues music. Traditional rock and roll is influenced by old blues styles while hard rock incorporates elements of British blues or electric blues. This style of blues is played with modern instruments like electric guitars, drums, keyboards, and electric bass. Most bands started with the power trio which is guitar, bass, and drums. Harder and distorted sounds, heavier guitar riffs, pompous drumming and louder vocals were added to rock and roll by British rock bands, such as The
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Yet many other genres like heavy metal, glam metal, shock rock, speed metal, thrash metal, and alternative rock have been inspired by hard rock. They have taken their signal and further developed the music scene to what it is today. Thus, hard rock is considered the origin of the heavier styles of rock music ("Hard Rock").
Today hard rock is a symbol not only one genre but much more. Many other genres/subgenres were influenced by hard rock and its characteristics. Though, today I believe hard rock has gone downhill. The bands today aren’t nearly as good as the ones in the 70’s and 80’s. Also, Axl Rose is the new frontman (lead singer) of AC/DC, what kind of monstrosity is this? What started out as a great genre is now crashing in a downward spiral. Other subgenres are taking over, like alternative rock, and our culture listens to pop. But, there is a whole subculture that is still dedicated to hard rock ("Hard

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