Rk Chevrolga Case Study

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Project Management
In RK Chevrolet
Emerson Hyatt
ECPI University

Project Management is an important aspect of every major company. A company that has been holding strong for twenty years could improve monumentally by implementing a project manager with a project’s scope of improving the companies culture. Improving the everyday operation of RK Chevrolet can be done in many ways, but one proven way to do that is by implementing a Microsoft Sever 2012 software and hardware to the organization. According to Vangie Beal (2011) the benefits you gain from a server is file and network security, increased reliability, centralized data storage, virus management, and centralized backup. Another great aspect of using a server
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Its technology is way below par compared to all other dealerships in the surrounding area. In order to change the culture of RK Chevrolet, it needs to have a technology culture shock. One of RK’s biggest problems is the inability to manage all of the computers and who’s using them. Windows Server 2012 is an enormous leap for RK. This is because all of their computer are a peer to peer network. This company lacks a true domain and server to manage all the computers on the network itself. Gary Picariello (2014) said, “Project management provides a “roadmap” that is easily followed and leads to project completion.”. This is true, because it provides many tools to make a project successful rather than just gluing things …show more content…
The Scope Statement within the charter gives a more detailed description of what will come from the project and what to expect. The Scope Management Document will be signed by everyone so that if any changes are made by any Stakeholder, they will be required to follow the guidelines necessary to make the changes. This could also mean a change in budget, quality, or the timeframe the project is accomplished. These two documents are very important as they will make everyone involved in the project understand what needs to be

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