Rita Dove 's Daystar And Linda Pastan 's `` To A Daughter Leaving Home ``

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Mothers experience different emotions, such as joy and anger, towards their children during the course of their motherhood. Mothers become tired when carrying out their motherly duty’s during the day. They usually don’t have any time for themselves. Mothers are very proud when their children make accomplishments, like learning to walk and graduating. Accomplishments often make mothers very emotional. There are two poems that show these qualities: Rita Dove’s “Daystar” and Linda Pastan’s “To a Daughter Leaving Home”. Dove’s Poem explains the daily troubles that a mother has while she cares for her children, and the lack of time she has for herself. Pastan’s poem discusses two accomplishments her daughter makes without actually discussing her daughter leaving, and the fear she has about her little girl leaving home for the first time. These poems are great examples of how motherhood is tough yet joyful. These poems help their audience get a feel of the different situations mothers encounter on a regular basis.
Dove’s “Daystar” explains the role of a stay at home mother and wife. Her job is difficult due to child care and taking care of household chores. Lines one through three of Dove’s poem read “She wanted a little room for thinking/ but she saw diapers steaming on the line,/ a doll slumped behind the door.” The woman needs leisure time to think, however the only thing she can see is the unending measure of diapers she needs to change and all the time it takes to care for a…

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