Essay on Risks And Benefits Of Plastic Surgery

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Chance Rankins
Lisa Griffin-James
English 1101
16 November 2015
Risks and Benefits of Plastic Surgery Outline

Thesis: In order to understand the full impact on how plastic surgery is detrimental, it will be necessary to look at the negative impact that it can cause in an individual’s life. The most obvious issue associated with plastic surgery include the unnecessary risk that many are willing to take despite the risk it poses to their physical health.
I. Plastic surgery is growing in popularity and needs to be assessed more carefully. Social media and other factors in the media indirectly capture the attention and rising rate of plastic surgery. Individuals low self-esteem and need for social acceptance are often so consuming that the demand for plastic surgery remains consistently at a high rate despite all of its associated risks and controversies. A. To continue the spread and advertisement of plastic surgery technology has designed various and creative ways for this newest trend to continue its popularity among the public. 1. Millions of options regarding plastic surgery is now available to all that feel the need to fulfill a specific feature aimed towards their personal appearance and/or self-esteem.
2. This develops a serious problem because often times people are unaware of the risks and dangers associated with these types surgeries. Many even disregard the…

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