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Organizational Risk Management Planning


Quality Assurance and Risk Management

A primary goal for risk management in the dental office is to avoid loss. Production is the main factor that determines the financial health of the organization. (Willis,2013) One major issue for dentists and managers’ is to determine how to avoid denial rates with insurance payments and keep collection rates consistent. A dental claim provides a common format for reporting dental services to a patient's dental benefit plan. (ADA, 2015) When a dental claim is processed correctly it provides income for the practice, which helps with operation cost.
The five common
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(Dentrix, 2015 The stakeholders that will be needed for this plan will be the dental director, associate dentists, managers, dental hygienists, suppliers, and employees. They can provide feedback about the strengths and weaknesses about this system which will help everyone during daily operations. The stakeholders can also address concerns that may affect patient care.
Risk Management Analysis
A dental chart consists of very important information such as medical history, x-rays, clinical charting, insurance information, billing, and informed consents. (Bergoff,2011) Most of this information is needed in order to process claims correctly. Dentrix’s E-claim feature has an effective claim reporting tools and allows managers the ability to track electronic claims, from submission to reimbursement. The E-claim also allows managers to attach documents and x-rays to claims if needed. Since Dentrix is a software system that allows practices to improve claim processing it allow allows the practice to create an entire record digitally. If this system can be implemented Dentrix will allow managers to process claim electronically and send directly to payors. Vs. paper claims, (paper claim can be illegible, get lost in mail, &jeopardize patient privacy) transmit in a secure HIPAA-compliant format, and reduce reimbursement time to days
Risk Management Analysis continued… instead of weeks. Dentrix has one stop features such as imaging

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