Risk Assessments And Risk Assessment Essay

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Answer 1 Risk assessments is a process where you distinguish risks. Investigate or assess the risk connected with that danger. Decide fitting approaches to dispose of or control the risk. In layman terms, a risk assessment is an in-depth look at your work environment to recognize those things, circumstances, forms, and so forth that may cause any particular harm, especially to individuals. After recognizable proof is made, you assess how likely and serious the risk is, and after that choose what measures ought to be set up to adequately keep or control the problem from happening. They help answer how severe the harm may be, which places need to be looked at the most, etc.

Answer 2 Physical vulnerability depends on mainly the geographic location. If the area is near coast lines, fault lines, or even unstable hills then area is more of a physical vulnerability because disasters are more likely to happen. It also has to do with the difficulty to get to water, hospitals, police stations, fire stations, roads, and bridges. Example: Wooden homes are less likely to collapse in an earthquake, but are more vulnerable to fire. Social vulnerability includes lack of leadership, barely any community organizations, and sometimes discrimination. Normal social factors play a role as well for instance traditions, culture, economic standards, and religion. Social vulnerability usually take place in third world countries. When flooding occurs some citizens, such as…

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