Rick's New Job: Case Study Essay

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Individually read the case study provided and identify the issues concerning the different learning styles and its implication on the overall training process.
Learning styles refer to the characteristic strengths and preferences in the ways people take in and process information. Due to genetics and upbringing, individuals have different ways of perceiving and processing information. As educators, it is important to recognize these differences to accommodate all the learners.
The first step in implementing learning style-based instruction is diagnosing the individual learning styles of each student.
Some people are more visual, some auditory, while others kinesthetic or environmental. They all process information in a
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Decisions were usually made in the informal discussion groups that formed periodically. That’s why when Rick mentioned of discussing this issue only with Val, they felt they were left aside, not considered and respected on the same level, which leaded to defensive reaction as well. Involvement is a key part of overcoming resistance to change. Involving those who are affected by change in planning and implementing the change creates a sense of ownership. The result is increased commitment to the change and better implementation of the change.
For adults, the key factor in discarding old learning and acquiring new learning is, also, its practical usefulness. Something that seems abstract or unrelated to doing the job will likely be resisted. When Rick was discussing with Walter the possibility of using the centralized computer system to run in the company, Mr. Ball was concerned and didn’t think the system could handle few different tasks. Probably, he didn’t have enough skills or knowledge to understand how the system is going to work, but he was not given a clear explanation or idea of the necessity of changing the system. They must always feel that the benefits of learning and acquiring new skills outweigh the benefits of not learning them. .
For Rick to minimize management’s resistance to change, he should have kept a few principles in his mind: * Motivation:

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