Ricks New Job Case Study

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When it comes to the case of Ricks new job. Rick did not have much experience but his boss Mr. Peterson really liked him and the work that he was doing. Rick was the type of employees that really cared about his job and learned the ins and outs. Rick learned how the plant operated, and he also made friends and meet a lot of employees. Rick also learned what type of problems came up when it had to do with sales (Blanchard, 2013).
Rick was able to solve some of the problems in the sales department by the way he had learned how to handle problems in the past. And by doing this-this helped him with his boss and other management. It showed management that he was able to handle and solve problems by himself. So the longer rick worked there the more
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This made Rick second guess himself, even though he was just trying to help and make things run smoother. The changes that rick wanted would show the employee performance and what they were able to do and the other employees did not like that. Even top management was unsure of ricks change. Top management felt that having new technology that was introduced by a new person would make top management look bad, but they knew that this was a good idea (Blanchard, 2013).
If Rick would have had better timing and did not do everything really fast, and if he had also talked to management about his ideas, so the management could work with rick may have worked better. Rick also should have trained Rosie at her pace in accounting, and also, teach her how to use the computer and track her the performance, and how well it worked. Rick also should have shown top management how to track the progress that would have been better also. Rick really needed to communicate better, he had great ideas but did not display them the right way and that is what hurt him in the long run (Blanchard, 2013).
Social Learning
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The theory is that people learn from behavior, if it is positive they will produce positive behavior, if it is negative they will produce bad behavior. People will copy other behavior by themselves, if they feel that it will satisfy their needs they will copy behavior, whether or not it is positive or negative. Behavior will control people’s motivation. And most people do not like consequences, so they will look for good results. If a person wants a good outcome, they will do good to receive it. This is when the behavior is reinforced with good outcomes, and then the people will keep repeating that behavior. This is what should have been done in the case of Rick (Blanchard, 2013).
Designing a Management Training Program
If I was hired I would have training on effective conflict management. This would include the meaning of conflict, the different types of conflict that may come up in an organization, general conflict management, different ways of conflict resolution, and how to avoid conflict. I would also add how to make a rational decision under stress. This would include how do we make decisions, and why we chose that way of thinking, use a behavioral decision-making models, rational models, and what are consequences, and how can you avoid them (MSG, 2015).
I would also teach stress management. This would include what really is stress, how to avoid it, and how to handle being

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