Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero

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The Lost Hero Book Review
In Rick Riordan’s action-packed, Greek mythology-themed novel, three teens are thrust into the middle of a quest to stop an ancient evil that is about to be unleashed.
Following an encounter with the evil wind spirit in the Grand Canyon, high-schoolers Jason, Piper, and Leo learn they are demigods. The spirit planned to kill the teens until their gym teacher, who turned out to be a satyr, saved them.
Due to the three’s newfound powers (Jason can control lightning and fly; Piper can control people by speaking; and Leo can control fire and build just about anything out of anything) and identities, they are whisked away by fellow demigods in a chariot to a camp for demigods, named Camp Half-Blood, located in upstate New York.
At the camp, the three friends learn of their ancestry. Jason is a son of Zeus; Piper is a daughter of Aphrodite; and Leo is a son of Hephaestus. The teens also learn the friendship the three have been sharing is fake, and created by the mist(a reality bending magic).
After being settled into the camp, meeting fellow campers, and learning that an evil mechanical dragon is in the nearby woods lurking (Leo tames the dragon and names it Festus), the three set off on a quest to release Hera, Zeus’s wife, from a prison in California. With a long quest ahead of them, the three must defet Cyclopes, a
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In the beginning the three teens are ordinary teens, but as the story goes along, the reader learns of their weaknesses and their strengths. By the end of the book, the reader can think what Jason, Piper, or Leo would do in a situation. This is because of how well the characters have been developed. Riordan also manages to pack a lot of action in the story, which picks up right from the beginning. So all in all, The Lost Hero is certainly a book that the reader will get lost

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